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Revamp founder and owner, Amy Walsh, previously founded and ran Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp for 8+ years and has been a Springboro personal trainer and group fitness instructor and business owner for the past 12 years. She is a certified personal trainer, corporate wellness coach, fitness nutrition coach, conditioning coach, Pilates instructor, cross-training, cycling, group fitness instructor, former Division I college athlete and nutrition enthusiast. She has been voted the Best Personal Trainer in Dayton and brings the experience of teaching over 8,000+ group fitness classes and countless hours of customized personal training, strength and conditioning coaching and corporate wellness programming. 


"Even though I was very active growing up, after I stopped playing college soccer, I got a pretty tough wake up call when it came to my relationship with food and lifestyle habits and found myself overweight and out of shape. My "come to Jesus" moment was in my early 20's when I was a size 18 and was about to move up to a size 20. For some reason, that was my breaking point. I had not realized how out of shape I truly was and that I had an unhealthy relationship with food which is easily categorized as a food addiction that I still struggle with to this day. After getting active, learning new coping mechanisms and cleaning up my diet, my body and health changed for the best and I never looked back! I am the first to admit that I am not perfect and can relate to many people with their struggles with emotional eating but I have learned that there are ways to overcome these obstacles and live a life of better health and wellness and want to help others do the same! As a trainer, I believes that the key to helping someone discover their "inner athlete" is to help them discover what brought them to where they are today, what they want to change and how can she help them achieve their new lifestyle goals in a way that makes them passionate about being healthy. My philosophy is based on sustainable lifestyle changes and while the workouts can be challenging, not every one is designed to "kill you." I focus on creating workout programs that are designed to strengthen your weaknesses, fix imbalances, increase aerobic capacity and give you the attention you deserve as an individual and never treat you as a number in a classroom."

Bachelor's Degree in Communication, The University of Cincinnati
Associates Degree, Sinclair Community College
Certified Personal Trainer, NESTA
Certified Functional Training Specialist, NESTA
Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, NESTA
Certified Biomechanics Specialist, NESTA
Certified Pilates Instructor, NESTA
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, NESTA
Certified MVe Fitness Chair Instructor, Peak Pilates
Certified Cycling Instructor, Schwinn Fitness
CPR & First Aid, American Heart Association

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 JoAnne Gurr is a 16-year resident of Springboro, wife of Jeff Gurr, mother of four children and a proud grandma of three grandchildren.  She has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development and is a NASM certified personal trainer. She is an outdoor enthusiast and has been known for her willingness to live life to its fullest with outdoor adventures such as skydiving, hang-gliding and obstacle course racing and loves traveling around the country hiking and exploring new places. She has a strong passion for exercise and strength training to optimize health and wants to help others live life more fully!    


“8 years ago, I was training for my first half marathon and had been struggling with back pain and wanted to try something new. Someone suggested Clearcreek Fitness Bootcamp and I loved the workouts! I was surprised to see how much of an impact strength training had on my running. Plus, my back pain went away! Focusing on diversifying my workouts and eating better helped me reach my goal and continue beyond what I set out to do. I’ve loved my career as a piano teacher for the past 25 years but decided last year that I wanted to give back and serve others in a different way. I am excited to now work with individuals as a personal trainer and teach group fitness classes in the Revamp Fitness community and help others grow in strength, confidence and more optimal health! As a grandma of three little ones, I wanted to be able to enjoy running, jumping, laughing, hiking, and just spending time with them without feeling tired or that I can’t keep up.  I have seen my own success as I have worked hard to exercise regularly and want to help others see that potential in themselves.  I feel a key to success in any activity is having the right people cheer you on and I have found that in my fit community. I am excited to join the Revamp Fitness team as not only a member, but now a trainer as well, and help others explore their health journey and discover ways to keep a positive outlook in life.” 



Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development, Weber State University

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

CPR/AED Certified, American Red Cross

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